About us


KAP FASTENERS is one of India's leading & global automotive component manufacturers.

We have been catering to the eclectic needs of a number of domestic and overseas customer’s continents in the automobile, telecom, furniture, construction stationary, engine and transmission system segments for the past 10 years. 

We provide custom-made solutions for our customers’ designs, keeping in mind their needs and specifications. Our customer base includes leading automotive original equipment manufacturers in India.

We are the preferred global supplier for a range of automotive components including Machine Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hex Head Bolts, Hex Nuts, Flang Nuts, Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Special automobile Components and much more.


We at KAP credit our success and growth to the areas of excellence, which include:

  • State-of-the-art research and development centre.
  • Cellular manufacturing set-up for product engineering
  • Most advanced machines with latest technology
  • TPM Way of Life
  • Testing & metallurgical laboratory

Fulfilling the requirements of our customers is our 200 plus strong workforce of technically qualified engineers and experienced professionals.


We at KAP believe in giving back to society. We believe in co-existing with our fellow society members and working with them.

Global Presence

RNF has been recognised as a Preferred Global Supplier for Automotive Components by all OEM’s globally.


KAP FASTENERS will strive to be the preferred manufacturer of critical, value added auto products with a global footprint, present in all major developing and developed markets.

We will target to be one of the world leaders in all the product categories, we operate in and have our brand present across the leading auto manufacturers worldwide. While doing so, we will always strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, known for integrity, ethics, & welfare of all stakeholders.

  • Look to expand our market width with existing customers
  • Look to expand customer base with existing/new products
  • Look to expand into new product categories that will be the need of the future.


  • Transparency
  • Hard Work
  • Common Sense in Every Situation
  • Sharing Information & Knowledge
  • Responsibilities With Authority
  • Following Rules, Regulations, & Standards Of The Organisation
  • Eye On Details
  • In-Depth Study Of Ground Realities
  • Effective Execution & Precision
  • Openness To Others’ Views
  • Service Attitude
  • Willingness To Learn
  • Openness To Learning New Ideas
  • Keeping A Promise Internally & Externally
  • Walk The Talk
  • Developing Trust Between customers and Colleagues
  • Keeping Organisation Free From Unethical Practices
  • Work Intensely
  • Caring More Than Anyone Else


Substantial business growth is Kap main goal. We accomplish this by building strategic business partnerships with our employees, suppliers, customers, and society in general.

We at KAP create a work environment that encourages initiative and drive, and promotes engagement and work satisfaction. We continually strive to create and deliver competitive products for domestic and international markets.

Our customers are the main reason for our existence and prosperity. We endeavour to achieve the unique distinction of ‘First Choice’ among customers globally.

We will continue to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs and expectations of global markets. We will meet our goal by working in cohesion with our employees, suppliers, and customers.

We promote an autonomic, frank, and hassle-free environment for our employees so that they can work at their optimum capabilities, while exploring their talents and pushing themselves further.

We believe in the Japanese culture of “Kaizen”, meaning small improvements in all walks of life.  


Since our inception in 2006, KAP vision has been to support Indian equipment manufacturers and international OEMs using technologically advanced products. In a short span of 10 years, today, we are world leaders in many automotive product categories. We have the largest global capacity for Machine Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Head Bolt, Hex Head Bolts, Hex Nuts, Flange Nuts, Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Special automobile Components and much more. Our customers include reputed brands in the global automotive industry in diverse product categories.

Mr Ankit Bansal (MD)

  • Our close engagements with our customers allow us to work in a collaborative engineering manner. We satisfy our customers’ Q.C.D.D.M needs, creating confidence and reliability.
  • KAP  continuing aim is to augment our customer base while improving design, development, human resources, and manufacturing capabilities. We are also offering new and superior products to our existing customers.
  • We are dedicated towards creating future benefits through our collaboration with customers, stakeholders, employees, and the society.
  • KAP  will continue to make a difference to the society, while providing substantial returns to our customers, employees.


KAP  treat customers as the centre of our universe. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by providing solutions to customers that satisfy their needs for a longer period.

In an effort to maintain our standards of excellence while continually evolving the brand, we are bringing in new customers with whom we can work. We are also developing new We at and superior products for our customers.

Continuous improvement is being undertaken in our design, development, and manufacturing capabilities. We collaborate with vendor partners to help them to reduce costs, while ensuring product quality at competitive prices along with on-time deliveries.

We are taking steps to expand our business globally. We are also planning to start  in house Plating & Heat Treatment Setup.